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We provide you with the possibility to find a kidney match abroad and that increases your chance by 95%.Find a perfect match and get your transplant today.

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kidney donation and kidney donation requirements.

Find a kidney donor - Find a quick match and get your transplant done as soon as you want.

We provide you with the possibility to find a kidney match abroad and that increases your chance by 95%.Find a perfect match and get your transplant today.

living kidney donors.

If you are tired of waiting on the waiting list then get here. The only chance of ever finding a potential donor within 30 days is with us. get your transplant done today with ease and start leaving life again.

We match potential donors and patient worldwide to reduce the wait period and increase the success by 99%.




Twenty two people die every day in the United States waiting for a kidney transplant, most waiting 7 to 9 years.


Find a kidney donor internationally

The challenge is only limited within your mind and your action. If you are in desperate need of a donor and know the value of life then you are at the end of your journey. we have a huge registry of potential donors from ASIA, AFRICA and the MIDDLE EAST that have been educated on the risks and advantages of donating and saving lives. Add your name to our registry today and we will contract you within 24 hours to discus the possibility of you getting a donor  withing 30 to 90 days max.

How to find a living kidney donor

Register with us fill out the potential patient form and wait for our contact.

Best blood type to donate

Our specialists make sure to test and check our potential donors and approve them for any transplant before a patient even contacts us blood type (O) is the key but we have a vast list of potential donors of all blood types.


What People Are Saying

Open our blog above and have a chat with other potential donors and patients. BLOG how to find a kidney donor

For anyone who has end-stage renal failure, the best hope for long-term survival is a kidney transplant. In the United States, they could be in for a long wait. Today, more than 100,000 Americans are waiting to receive kidneys, and 3,000 new patients are added to the queue each month, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Kidney Foundation. The median wait time for a kidney transplant is more than three years. As a result, 13 people in the U.S. die every day while waiting for a donor.

Is it legal to BUY a kidney or Compensate a donor for donating their kidney?

It is legal is some countries but illegal in most countries, However a free will donation to support a potential donor is not levied as buying a kidney. Also if you fill generous and wish to support a kidney donor it must be after the donation and it must be a free will support  and not as a price paid for the kidney. 

Because most of our potential donors come from 3rd world countries we sometime fill the need to encourage receivers to see how they can help assist in the recovery of this donor and a little assistance for the low level of medical facilities in their nations and low living standard. this free will assistance made by potential organ receivers is not considered a pay for an organ and is also a way to help us encourage more potential donors to step is ans they are assured with the low standards of living they will get adequate financial stability and medical supplies. We encourage you to help teem and encourage them. 

Kidney donation

Donating your kidney is a potentially life-saving gift. Usually, kidney donation is something that happens after you die, but it is also possible to give the gift of living kidney donation.

Your kidney donation could transform the life of someone dependent on daily dialysis. If you wish to be an organ donor after your death, why not register today? The register is a permanent record of your wish to be a donor after your death and can be updated at any time.

If you are interested in living donation, find out more about becoming a living donor including how to make contact with a living donor transplant center  for further information.

Can I be a kidney donor?

Both your kidneys can be donated after your death and potentially used for two kidney transplants. But, because you can live a healthy life with just one kidney, it is possible to donate one kidney as a living donor.

There are huge numbers of people needing a kidney transplant. For many of these it can be very difficult to find a suitable donor. We encourage everyone to be a donor for the following reasons:

  • Your kidney will only be transplanted if it is healthy and suitable for the person who needs a transplant

  • All the major religious faiths support kidney donation

  • There are very few health-related restrictions and most people can donate.

Why do people need a kidney donation?

Your kidneys balance the amount of fluids and minerals in your body and create hormones. When they are not working properly, people have to spend many hours a day attached to a dialysis machine to replace some of these functions. A kidney transplant gives people the chance to live life free from dialysis.

For patients with end stage kidney disease who are suitable for a kidney transplant, this is the best treatment option.

How to become a kidney donor

Tell your friends and family that you wish to be a kidney donor – it is very important that they understand and support your organ donation because your family’s support is needed for donation to go ahead. Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult time to make an important decision quickly.

Sign up to the deceased Organ Donor Register online. This record helps to quickly match potential donors and recipients.

Find out more about living kidney donation.

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